Vol. 32: Petri Ferrandi Legenda Sancti Dominici

The critical edition of Petrus Ferrandi’s Legenda Sancti Dominici was published by the Dominican Historical Institute in the series Monumenta Ordinis Fratrum Praedicatorum Historica. It is one of the four Dominican legends written in the 13th century. The editor of this important testimony of early Dominican hagiography and historiography is the internationally renowned Dominican historian Fr. Simon Tugwell, O. P., who has already published numerous studies on the founder of the Order of Preachers. Attached to the publication are critical editions of some other texts (the earliest liturgical office of St. Dominic, the Life of St. Dominic from the Speculum Historiale of Vincent de Beauvais, et al.).

Vol. 32: Petri Ferrandi Legenda Sancti Dominici, ed. Simon Tugwell OP, Angelicum University Press, Romae 2015, 483 p.