The critical edition of the Legendarium of Petrus Calo

The Legendarium of Petrus Calo († 1348) constituted, so to speak, the pinnacle of the hagiographic activity of the Order of Preachers intended for a wider audience than that of the Dominican friars. It is not by chance that using Calo’s Legendarium as basis, Petrus de Natalibus († 1406) compiled his own Catalogus Sanctorum, which was the first to spread, together with the Legenda aurea, in printed form.

An edition of the work, which immediately constituted an indispensable reference for hagiographers and subsequent preachers, seems fundamental in several aspects like in hagiographic or historical-institutional. The edition, moreover, will be a fitting conclusion to a series of critical editions of the abbreviated Dominican legend collections: Jean de Mailly (Maggioni), Bartolomeo da Trento (Paoli), Jacopo da Varazze (Maggioni), Rodrigo da Cerrato (Bassetti, under review).

The edition is scheduled to be published in the Monumenta Ordinis Fratrum Praedicatorum Historica series.


Project coordinator: Prof. Emore Paoli



Dr. Davide Bagnardi
Dr. Elisabetta De Sanctis